Business Portraits & Headshots 4 Image Package

4.811.17 Jordan Venema-87.jpg
4.811.17 Jordan Venema-87.jpg

Business Portraits & Headshots 4 Image Package


4 Shot Package

  • Your choice of locations
  • One clothing change (total of two outfits)
  • Generally around 30 minutes of actual shoot time. 
  • Choose from 5-10 proofs in an online password-protected gallery.
  • Four finalized images including basic retouching* and color calibration for printing.
  • High-resolution photos provided in a downloadable format (delivery on CD available for an additional charge)
  • License to use the two finalized images for any personal and promotional purposes. This includes internet use or an unlimited ability to make prints.

* Basic retouching is defined as producing an, "As the eye sees it Photograph". By adjusting shadows, highlights, color, removal of lens artifacts and dust.


** Advanced retouching builds on the fundamentals of "Basic Retouching" by incorporating Photoshop to add or subtract Certain elements of photo, Color tone, backgrounds/ foregrounds, or otherwise create the final image