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 Behind the shot with @TayTayBoxing

I've been so busy lately that I have completely dropped the ball on maintaining and updating my website, so this weekend I am putting in some serious work! I want to start things off with a quick look back at some recent portrait work with someone I actually met at The IARA bikini meet up back in May (...come to think of it I never posted anything about that either...  well, I will.) Her name is Taylor Stone or @taytayboxing if you're looking for her on Instagram. We've shot four times now and each time is something pretty unique.

Taylor Stone  @taytayboxing

When we first met she told me about another account she follows on Instagram, @christopher.james, he has blown up lately doing amazing Levitation photos.  Now you may not know this but I actually got started in photography through rock climbing. these "Levation" photos are like a throwback to the photos I would take of people after they finished the route they were on, only you remove the rope in photoshop.


The Process

on location

I used a static rope attached to two trees about 10 feet back from the cliff edge and built my anchor about 15 feet off the ground, The reason for putting it up high was to make sure Taylor could feel secure and really lean back off the edge, the harness she wore is specifically designed for rock climbing and naturally puts the body into as seated position, had the rope come to the harness at a lower angle she would need to be pressing hard with her feet to lean back and stay balanced which would result in a tense body position rather than these soft and relaxed poses.

Once she was comfortable I shot from left to right as Taylor's boyfriend and my Assistant for the day, Dylan provided fill light with the help of a Nissin Di700A / 24" softbox, the combo was mounted to a 24" pole with a ball head.


I used Photoshop to remove the rope and carabiner doing my best to match the areas of sand as accurately as possible. The better way to ensure the correct background is to mount the camera to a tripod and shoot the model and background separately and composite them together, but for this shoot, I wanted to be able to adjust constantly and I knew that matching the areas around the rope would be easy. 

I made a selection from another image and used it to fill in the void left from the rope. After that came color toning, I added cyans, greens, and blues to the midtones and masked out all but the water. Next came a custom 7% gradient map and curves/levels adjustments.

before and after


BEFORE                      AFTER

Did I mention we shot these just before the 4th of July?

These sorts of images aren't necessarily difficult to create but they do require a good deal planning and some help, particularly with rigging and lighting. We were lucky to have Dylan on hand to make sure everything went smoothly.

Dylan in deep thought

Dylan in deep thought


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Geeky notes,

Camera- Canon 5D mark iii

Lens- 24-70mm  2.8

Speed Light- Nissin Di700A

Softbox-  Profoto