One Day in Yosemite

I had heard that a fellow photographer and traveler, John Suhar was passing through the valley on his way back to Wisconsin. A four-hour drive was well worth it to reconnect with an old friend, especially when the destination is Yosemite Valley. 

We ended meeting late, very late. like 1:30 am late. the Rendezvous was a Glacier Point, one of my all time favorite drivable views of Yosemite.

The moon was almost full so the milky way wasn't very prominent in the sky, but the detail through the valley and on the face of Halfdome was incredible. We shot until just before 4 AM. before retreating to the cars for a power nap before sunrise, 45 minutes later we emerged ready to start a new day and sunrise didn't disappoint.

We spent the remainder of the day skating Glacier Point road, A classic and iconic line with a stellar backdrop. Then breakfast at the cafeteria, deer encounters in the meadows and  a drive to Tuolumne for lunch where John and I parted ways, He Continued over Tioga And onto Utah, and I Headed back to Santa Cruz.

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