CirKus Waggon! a Photo Shoot with Arielle Rose

I met Arielle last year and have had the pleasure of photographing her numerous times since then. Not just a model Arielle designs and creates one-of-a-kind garments from recycled or ethically sourced materials as well as from nature itself.

Last week we got together to shoot some of her new work at Greyhound Rock State Beach, North of Davenport, CA.

11.18.16 Arielle Greygound Rock-301.jpg

Here Arielle Stands on a bluff overlooking the beach below and the Pacific.

The top is made from ethically sourced peacock feathers and the dress from recycled fabric.

11.18.16 Arielle Greygound Rock-238-Edit.jpg

After spending some time on the cliff we decided to head down the path to the beach, the tide was on its way out but not enough to get to Greyhound Rock itself and the sun was still relatively high but the lack of clouds was creating a bright gold glow.

Top, skirt, and cloak all one-of-a-kind designs by Arielle.

As the sun fell lower in the sky the magic happened, solid gold filled my eyepiece but as I struggled to find focus through the bright light Ariella passed in front of the sun allowing the light to filter through the thin fabric draped around her body. 

If you want to see more of Arielle's amazing work or learn her full story, (which by the way, you do!) head over to her website, 

Facebook: CirKus Waggon Inventions

Instagram: @cirkuswaggon42